What is BizNet Champions?

BizNet Champions is an exclusive community created for our active, engaged and valued customers. This is an online platform where Champions can share tips and tricks, interact with and share knowledge with other champions and complete challenges to gain rewards.


 Why join BizNet Champions?

BizNet Champions is a platform where you can earn points related to all things BizNet, and beyond. You can also redeem your points for incentives ranging from giftcards to BizNet Software gear. All you have to do is share your expertise and experiences while completing a few challenges along the way. There are also these additional perks:

  • Connect and network with like-minded experts in our space
  • Earn exclusive rewards
  • Gain access to unique opportunities
  • Be at the forefront and help us grow our business!
  • Receive unique opportunities to provide input to features on future products
  • Access to unique/exclusive product education opportunities